Smile design

What is Smile Design?

Smile design, with its other known name, aesthetic smile, is among the dental applications that have recently attracted attention. The aim is to give aesthetics by applying various applications to the mouth structure that is not compatible with the facial features. Of course, it is not enough just to have a beautiful image. At the same time, a comfortable use is provided functionally.

Smile design; It is very effective in eliminating the laughing phobia in people from being a psychological problem. The obvious behaviors of many people, such as the fact that they cover their mouths with their hands while laughing, do not want to laugh while taking a photo, stand out. Generally, this is due to the thought that the mouth circumference is not aesthetic.

Who Is a Smile Design Applied to?

There are crowded teeth between teeth,

Tooth decays (especially front teeth), fractures,

Those with jaw structure disorders,

Those whose tooth structure is not compatible with the mouth,

Those with distorted and excessive tooth spaces

Those who have a laughing phobia problem because of their appearance,

Those who want to have a more aesthetic and remarkable smile,

Those who need pink aesthetics and white aesthetics,

Those who have a lack of self-confidence due to their tooth structure,

Those who have a bite problem due to the impairment of tooth and lip distance