Embedded 20 Years Surgery

When we say impacted teeth, the first thing that comes to our mind is our twenty-year-old teeth. The reason for this situation is that the rate of being buried in the society is by far higher than other teeth. However, there is a very low probability that each tooth can remain embedded. Small molars and canines follow wisdom teeth in the ranking of impacting. The impacted condition of these teeth is noticed during the routine dentist examination or during the follow-up of the permanent teeth that are due by the parents. In the teeth determined to be impacted, it is decided whether these teeth can be continued in the mouth with orthodontic treatment in the light of the radiographic images taken from the patients and detailed clinical examination. Teeth that cannot be sustained into the mouth are surgically extracted if necessary or followed up with routine controls.

Should we have our 20-year-old teeth removed? When should we have teeth that need to be extracted?

As a result of a panoramic film taken from our patients and an oral examination, it can be decided whether the tooth will be extracted or not. We can call our patients for regular check-ups by not pulling our 20-year-old teeth, if they are completely embedded in the bone, do not have close contact with the adjacent teeth, do not cause any distress in the mouth, and there is no pain or swelling in the history of the patients. The important thing at this point is the regular control part. Since the changes in the bone are unfortunately not visible to the eye, the panoramic films that will be taken at regular controls will inform us. So when do we get our 20-year-old teeth extracted? If our 20-year-old teeth have partially rubbed into the mouth but it is not possible to fully erupt in a proper position, if it is in close contact with the neighboring tooth and has a negative effect on the tooth, if there is a tooth-related cyst development in panoramic films, recurrent infection and related pain, swelling, bad smell and taste story If there is, we have those teeth removed.