Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics; It is a branch of science that includes the treatment of diseases and injuries in the pulp of the tooth and the tissues surrounding the tooth, and the treatments performed to restore the function of this region.
Endodontic treatment, or root canal treatment as it is commonly known, refers to all the procedures performed to treat the diseases of the vascular-nerve package (pulp) in the tooth. With endodontic treatment, infected nerve tissue, blood vessels and other cellular debris are removed from the root canal, then the root canal cavity is cleaned and shaped by means of canal files and disinfectant solutions, and filled in a sealing manner using tissue-friendly materials.

What are the stages of root canal treatment?

1.First of all, anesthesia is applied to the tooth for a painless and painless treatment.

2. Afterwards, the decay is cleaned and when the core of the tooth is reached, the diseased and soft tissue is removed. Nerves and tissue residues are removed.

3. The tooth canal is shaped up to the root tip. Healing can be accelerated by applying some medications if necessary.

4.Between the 4th sessions, the tooth is covered with temporary filling materials until the tooth heals. After it is understood that the reproduction of the inflammation has stopped and the inflammation ends from the root tip, the canal is filled up to the root tip with a special filling material.

5. In some cases, these sessions are not required at all, and it is possible to complete the canal treatment in a single session.