Tooth stone cleaning

Curettage (Deep gum cleaning, Root surface cleaning, Closed surgical cleaning)
Flap Operation (Gum surgery)
If gum disease is diagnosed and treated early, success is achieved with simpler methods. If it is late for treatment, tooth loss may not be prevented.
In the early stages, tartar cleaning and subgingival curettage (root surface straightening, seamless deep cleaning) are sufficient. Flap operations (stitched gum surgery) are performed in the future. If necessary, bone grafts (bone powder) can also be placed in the relevant area. If stitches are made, the patient is given an appointment for stitch removal after 7-10 days.

Since dental stones, bacterial plaque and inflammation are removed from the environment after treatment, the gums heal and regain their health. It has a healthy light pink appearance that does not bleed. Bad breath is eliminated.

For success after the treatment, it is important for the patient to pay attention to oral care and to have regular check-ups every 6 months. If proper oral hygiene is not provided after treatment and intensive smoking is continued, the disease may recur.