Tooth extraction

Tooth Extraction is a treatment method for teeth that do not respond to preventive treatment methods and cannot be saved by filling or canal treatment applications due to reasons such as caries and infection (inflammation). Tooth Extraction Is Applied In The Following Situations.

Teeth that cannot be saved with treatment due to advanced decay and material loss,
Broken teeth that cannot be treated as a result of impact,
Abscessed teeth that could not be saved despite root canal treatment,
Swinging teeth due to severe gingivitis,
• Milk teeth that do not fall out on time,
Teeth causing problems due to excessive position changes (turning, overturning, etc.),
Teeth in a cyst or tumor,
• Incomplete (impacted) and problematic teeth,
• In order to help orthodontic treatment due to lack of space, some teeth can be extracted even though they are problem-free.