Orthodontics is to prevent the development of developmental anomalies concerning the tooth-jaw-face region; stopping the progression and treating existing disorders; However, it is a specialty that aims to provide good aesthetics and function (biting, chewing, speaking, laughing).

Irregular teeth are exposed to problems such as decay and bacterial plaque accumulation due to the fact that they cause more food accumulation and are difficult to clean. Orthodontic treatment is the first step to get healthy teeth that can be cleaned more easily by removing such crowding.

Movable Orthodontic Treatment; It is a form of treatment in which various mobile devices are used to prevent problems that may develop due to factors such as bad habits, finger sucking, abnormal swallowing, to make room for permanent teeth or to correct simple tooth-induced malocclusions. Today, transparent plaques, which are increasingly popular, are also used for this purpose.

Orthodontic Treatment with Transparent Plaques (Wireless): One of the issues that make patients think about orthodontic treatment the most is the aesthetic concerns about wires and appliances that can be noticed from the outside while talking and laughing. For time, various solutions such as using transparent or tooth-colored porcelain, brackets and wires have been produced. Transparent plates are a new method developed for this purpose.
The biggest advantage of this method is that the orthodontic treatment process does not affect your daily life almost negatively. Transparent records are very difficult to spot when talking and laughing in your social environment.
The application method is briefly as follows; After the detailed examination of your dentist, the measurement is taken from your lower and upper jaw teeth and the model is obtained. This model is transferred to the computer with a 3D scanning method called CAD-CAM system and a certain number of transparent plaques are produced according to the movement to be performed on your teeth. Each plate is used for 15 days, replaced with the next one, and the problem of irregularity is resolved by performing the desired tooth movements over time.

Starting Age of Orthodontic Treatment:
Even if there is no problem, it is beneficial for every child who has reached the age of 6-7 to be examined by an orthodontist. In these controls;

Jaw-skeletal development of the child

Dental development and tooth alignment

When necessary, the time to start orthodontic treatment is determined.

It is beneficial to carry out the controls regularly 1-2 times a year. Orthodontic treatment can be applied at almost any age. If there is no skeletal anomaly and only teeth are crowded, these problems can be solved with orthodontic treatment at any age. The age of the patient only affects the duration of the treatment.

Duration of Orthodontic Treatment: Although it varies depending on what the problem is, it can usually take up to 1-2 years. In order to achieve good results, the patient, family and dentist must perform a patient teamwork.