Why Do Teeth Decay?

In excessive consumption of bacteria in our mouth and foods that damage teeth (acid, sugar, starch), the hard tissue of the tooth, the enamel, and the mineral tissue are dissolved. As a result of dissolution, tooth roots cause decays in tooth enamel. Tooth decay usually starts from the outer surface and spreads towards the roots. Caries creates cavities in the teeth. Decay of teeth can be prevented with regular dental care and examinations. Some foods accelerate the tooth decay process, no matter how much cleaning is required by mouth and dental health to keep teeth healthy. In other words, in order to prevent tooth decay, regular dentist control and of course, healthy nutrition should be given importance at an early age. In addition to these, brushing your teeth regularly prevents tooth decay to a great extent and will be beneficial in terms of a healthier oral health. Foods that adversely affect dental health and can cause tooth decay are as follows;

Sugary foods,
Very cold things that will damage the icy tooth enamel,
Too much lemon consumption,
Consumption of carbonated beverages such as cola,
Too much tea consumption,
White bread

Does Chewing Ice Damage Teeth?

Yes! Many people like to put ice in drinks to cool off in hot weather. If ice is chewed in the mouth to cool, it causes cracks and sensitivity on the teeth. Between these cracks, bacteria can multiply rapidly and cause rotting. Likewise, when you bring very hot things to your mouth, it damages your teeth. Every damage you cause to your teeth means one more step towards tooth decay. For this reason, we must stop chewing on extremely cold things and cut down on consuming very hot things. Again, let's dwell on the tea in the above list under this heading. When consumed too much tea can cause erosion on teeth. Although it is nice to consume tea and coffee while chatting, consuming too much causes many diseases with decay. Although it turns the color of the teeth, it can damage the tooth enamel and cause decay formation. In addition, excessive consumption of tea and coffee causes palpitation as well as iron deficiency problem.

White Bread Can Cause Tooth Decay

White bread, which is at the top of the list of carbohydrate foods, has a great effect on tooth decay. The carbohydrate contained in it can be converted into sugar and can damage teeth and gums. For this reason, you should definitely brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush, especially after carbohydrate consumption. This both prevents the formation of sugar in your mouth and delays tooth decay by reducing other factors.

You should pay attention to your oral and dental health. Many dental problems can be prevented with regular examinations.