What is the Secret of White Teeth?

Why is teeth whitening needed?

The appearance of the teeth is important for people who care about their personal care. Color and deformities in teeth can cause psychological disorders. In addition to tooth whitening methods that can be applied at home using herbal methods, many colors and deformities can be easily resolved thanks to the development of aesthetic and restorative materials in dentistry.

What are teeth whitening methods?

Teeth whitening methods are divided into two.

Power Bleaching performed within an hour in an office environment; It is the fastest, reliable and effective whitening system, which consists of whitening gel and light, which can lighten the tooth color 3-4 tones in a short time.

Teeth whitening at home (Home Bleaching); It is a process performed by putting gels into plastic mouthpieces prepared with a simple measurement taken orally. Bleaching is provided in an average of 5-7 days. It should be worn 4-7 hours a day.

Is teeth whitening safe or will it damage teeth?

Studies conducted; It has shown that there is no harm in using the 10 percent bleaching solution. There is not a single study that shows permanent damage to teeth due to tooth whitening. Different drugs can also be used for whitening teeth, but the dentist must decide how and how much they will be used.

Can anyone have teeth whitening?

Anyone who does not have any dental disease that prevents the procedure can have teeth whitening treatment, but a dentist examination must be done before bleaching. Those who have caries and gum disease in their mouth can apply the bleaching process after having the treatments to be applied by their physicians.