What are the causes of bad breath ?

What are the causes of bad breath ?

Bad breath; It is a problem that can arise for different reasons in the speaking mouth, causing social problems and self-confidence problems. Bad breath can cause problems if no precautions are taken, and should be controlled because it can be a symptom of different ailments.

Causes of Bad Breath

  • Bad breath due to food and drink
    Systemic diseases such as diabetes, liver and kidney disorders
    Bad breath due to smoking
    Smells caused by a runny nose and coming from the back and front of the tongue
    Bad breath due to prosthesis use
    Bad breath due to dry mouth
    Bad breath due to poor oral hygiene
    Bad breath caused by gum disease

In order to diagnose bad breath, we must close our lips tightly and breathe through our nose. If bad breath can be felt by the person 10 cm away; tonsils, sinusitis, liver. Systemic disturbances such as can cause this odor. If there is no smell from the nose, there is no problem.

How to Treat Bad Breath?

  • Toothpaste selection: Toothpastes containing antibacterials may be recommended.
    Brushing: Every surface of the teeth and gum groove should be brushed thoroughly twice a day with vibration movements. The dentist decides on the type of brush by looking at factors such as erosion of the teeth, health of the gums, and the number of restorations. The toothbrush is changed every 3-4 months, considering the brushing power of the patients. My chewing surfaces need to be brushed. The inner surfaces of the lower front teeth should be brushed vertically. If effective brushing is insufficient, use of a rotating brush can be tried once a day. Brushing the tongue is an important factor in removing bad breath.
    Use of an interface brush: A suitable interface brush should be used between teeth.
    Flossing: The floss is gently pushed between the teeth and the gum between the two teeth and the plaque in between is removed by giving force to the tooth.
    Use of mouthwash: When the patient uses mouthwash with his head backwards twice a day, he can remove bad breath more effectively. The duration of use is determined by the doctor.
  • Other suggestions:
    It should be ensured that the mouth does not dry out.
    Prosthetic users can use special prosthetic brushes and tablets.
    Saliva flow rate can be increased by chewing sugar-free mint gum.
    In case of stomach acid, antacid tablets can be used.
    Dairy products and cheese can cause bad breath. Teeth and tongue should be brushed after breakfast.